Interesting Facts About Universal Pictures

  • Universal Film Manufacturing Company was officially incorporated in New York on April 30, 1912.
  • The name “Universal” was chosen after the founder saw a delivery truck with the name “Universal Pipe Fittings” written on the side.
  • The Bride in “The Bride of Frankenstein” is the only one of Universal’s classic monsters to have never killed anyone.
  • The first feature filmed at Universal City was Damon and Pythias in 1914.
  • At 29,500 sq. ft., Universal Studios’ Stage 12 is the 7th largest soundstage in the world. It was originally built for the 1929 musical Broadway.
  • Today’s Universal City officially opened March 15, 1915. Nearly three years after Universal Film Manufacturing Company was created. The first mayor was Herbert Rawlinson.
  • Universal’s first talking picture was Melody of Love.
  • The Universal sound technician, Jack Foley, developed the method of creating and recording many of the natural, everyday sound effects in a film. Today this method is named after him.
  • Universal won its first Best Picture Academy Award for All Quiet on the Western Front in 1930.
  • Legendary Universal Chairman Lew R. Wasserman received an Academy Award in 1973 for his role as a humanitarian.
  • In 1928, famous cartoon character, Mickey Mouse, debuted at a Universal-owned theater.

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