Interesting Facts About Mummies

  • Egyptians used vast amounts of linen to mummify a body. The linen on one mummy from the 11th dynasty measured 9,095 feet (845 square meters), which is enough linen to cover three tennis courts.
  • During mummification in ancient Egypt, internal organs were removed through a long incision on the left side of the body. The priest who made the incision was known as the “slicer” or “ripper up.”
  • According to Egyptian lore, the god Osiris was the very first mummy.
  • In ancient Egypt, a goddess named Meretseger, who took the form of a cobra, was said to protect the Valley of the Kings. According to legend, she would blind or poison any robbers who tampered with the tombs.
  • The oldest Egyptian pyramid is the Step Pyramid, dated to around 2650 BC. It was the tomb of King Djoser, and its shape represented a giant stairway for the dead king to climb up into the sky to join the sun god.
  • Tutankhamun is the only royal mummy discovered with all of its priceless treasures intact.
  • Tomb raiders in ancient Egypt suffered a terrible death if they were caught. They would have the soles of their feet beaten and then be publicly impaled on a sharp wooden stick.
  • Mummies are not just from Egypt. They come from around the world and have been found on every continent.
  • Over one million mummies have been found in Egypt, mostly of cats.

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