Interesting Facts About Cleopatra

  • Cleopatra could speak at least seven languages including Greek and Egyptian.
  • she ruled over ancient Egypt as a co-regent, with her father, brothers and their son for nearly three decades.
  • She had a romantic and both political relationship with the Roman leaders Julius Cesar and Mark Antony.
  • Cleopatra was only twenty one years old when she became lover of Caeser who was fifty two years old.
  • In 47 B.C. Cleopatra bore Caesar a son, whom she named Caesarion, but Caesar never acknowledge the child.
  • The name “Cleopatra” derives from ancient Greek meaning:  “she who comes from glorious father” or “glory of the father”.
  • Marc Anthony married Cleopatra even though he was already married to Ocatavia Minor.
  • Cleopatra’s and Caesar’s son, Caesarion was proclaimed ruler of Egypt after Alexandria had fallen to Octavian, but he was shortly after captured and killed.
  • The tomb of Antony and Cleopatra remains a mystery even though it is believed to be somewhere near Alexandria, Egypt.

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