Coronavirus COVID 19 Worldwide Manifest for Peace and Life

The last three months in our lives all over the world have been the biggest wake-up call ever. We have heard everything from our governments, from our friends on social media websites: started from conspiracy theories, ended up with warnings about the end of days. . .

One is for sure and clear; we all live under one roof, under one sky, we all have one same home called the Earth and everyone in this huge family is worried for their lives, for the lives of their loved ones or at least for their financial situation, security and now we all question the future. . . we weren’t ready for all this and NONE of our governments were. . .

Now we all have the same enemy that we can’t even see, that doesn’t know any borders, laws, currency, fear, traditions, race, sex or religion. . . And who would imagine that toilet paper would become a symbol of a reminder to the mankind that we all are just humans, with the same needs and totally equal. . .

All this reminded us again how fragile we are and how strong we become when we stand united!

Some even say all this happens to reduce the population of the Earth as there aren’t enough resources, while we haven’t researched, used even a half of the possibilities of our home. We and our governments hired by us, turn cornfields into battlefields and then we say we don’t have enough food to feed everyone?! We spend billions to build nuclear weapons enough to explode our own home, our only planet ten times, we spend billions to make bullets enough for any of us, but we don’t have enough face masks to protect at least doctors who struggle for our lives?! We spend billions to build death machines but we don’t have enough labs to test everyone timely if another, and maybe even stronger, virus hits in…?!

We all feel that things should be changed and they will – the question is “How?”. Our parents and grandparents didn’t have what we have now; Internet and global intellect that now we can use for good. Now we can stand together as never before and request our governments to work closer, find more ways to find peace and secure all of us even more. And they will listen as they are us and we are them and times have changed already, now we the people can speak as one under one roof. Yes, we have borders but they aren’t for to throw bombs over each other’s fences, borders are for to preserve diversity in our cultures and that way make the world more beautiful place for all of us; borders are for to welcome each other and host with respect and for to challenge each other in love, architecture, science, medicine, friendship, there are many good of them to name. . .

We all are in it already, there is no easy way out, the question is what will be the human face after we go through it. We humans have built the economy and we will fix it too. . . what none of us can fix are the lives we have lost; we can’t give those kids back to their parents and those parents back to their kids… And those thousands of lives lost mean thousands of more families in pain. . . And those we have lost were indeed amazing people: doctors, teachers, priests, scientists, economists. . . Who knows how they would change the world even more?! – they can’t anymore, but WE CAN and this is the least we can do to honor them.

This is the manifest to reach our voice to our governments all over the world and state that we all, humans under one roof and within one home, we choose peace and love over war and destruction. That our generation stands for lives of each member of the family despite of race, sex and religion!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

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